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Click on the samples underneath the kind of music you're looking for.

Serious/ Instrumental Comedy/Wacky Rock Experimental


Farmer's Daughter Meatbrick* The Ball
That One Temporary Agency Interview Little Short Song * War
Someone I Never Knew Oh Baby, #2 Moody * Me
This One Time *     Herg

(Little Short Song is more "alternative" than Rock, but I didn't want to make a new category and mess up the table)

* you get the whole song on these, not a short sample!


My Albums

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Ted Schram's Solo Acoustic Ensemble

This album is a series of recordings that I made on my 4-track machine, mostly while living in Isla Vista while going to UCSB, recorded from 1990-1994. The first half of the songs are nice instrumentals, and the second half are funny or experimental.

Guest Artists: Paul Moore (4, 13, 16), Risty Williams (17), Jason Wood (19), Kim Holmes (19), Jon Leidecker (11), Danny Shorago(10).

  1. Summer Song
  2. Someone I Never Knew
  3. Deep Ultraviolet Pillow
  4. Drowning
  5. My Roommates Are Wrecking the House
  6. While You Were Sleeping
  7. Still
  8. Home Fried Hog Snouts
  9. Me
  10. ¿ Donde Esta La Luna ?
  11. PSA: Drug Warning
  12. The Lounge Act
  13. I Wanted To Record A Blues Song
  14. I Just Got Fired
  15. Dysfunctional Family Beer
  16. I'm Pissing
  17. Heat Wave
  18. Scribble
  19. The No Baby Blues


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Songs With Little Or No Socially Redeeming Value

All of these songs are wacky, funny, experimental, or just plain wierd.

Guest Artists: Chris Ball (5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14), V Allario (11), and Cyrus Becker (16).

  1. Hi Len!
  2. Farmer's Daughter
  3. Bertha
  4. Oh Baby, #2.
  5. Temporary Agency Interview
  6. Herg
  7. Porno Movie Song
  8. Back Against the Wall
  9. All My Cheese Is Gone
  10. Underjam
  11. Monologue Audition
  12. Coffee
  13. Satan's Garden of Love
  14. Romilly
  15. Watermelon Bed
  16. My Existential Dilemma is Loose in the Basement Again


for now, just email me until I get a Pay Pal acct.


Mostly serious instrumentals (The Ball has words). Someone I Never Knew is a different version than the one on my first album

Guest Artists: on Downstairs - Chris Ball did part of the dream sequence, and abundant ceiling noise was provided by the people upstairs.


  1. Simple
  2. Someone I Never Knew
  3. That One
  4. Rainy Cities Suite
  5. War
  6. The Ball
  7. All Who Wander
  8. Downstairs


for now, just email me until I get a Pay Pal acct.

Now More Than Ever

Now it's finally done!! This album is a variety pack of hard rock, delicate instrumentals, jazz, singer-songwriter, comedy, and social statements. It's the most well-recorded of all my albums(thanks to a lotta help from Chris Ball!).

Guest artists: Karl Jesse on 2, 7, 8. Jack Mullins and Devil Walker on 3. Beth Robie on 4. Jamison Smeltz on 8. Christopher Rodriguez on 5. Tina Lavelle, Jamie Magoey, and Sara Loehmer on 5.


  1. Little Short Song
  2. Meatbrick
  3. Moody
  4. TV
  5. Anthem Of Slobbery
  6. This One Time
  7. Stucco Man
  8. Sunday Afternoon Brunch And Back To Bed
  9. The Last Song


for now, just email me until I get a Pay Pal acct.